Isis Roque (BBA ’95)

What year did you graduate and what was your degree and area of study?
I graduated in 1995 with a BBA and a double major in marketing and international business.

Can you tell me about your company and your role there?
I started On Call Resources Group (ORG) in 2006 based on a colleague’s need for outsourced human resources services. Initially recruiting for the telecommunications sector, we now focus on business specialties—finance, accounting and marketing—across several industries. The more we grew to know our clients, the more they relied on us for auxiliary services such as contract staffing and corporate events. My role is that of setting the pace and maintaining the values of the company. I take part in everything, but primarily focus my efforts on the recruiting side—working with the clients and candidates. I take the time to meet everyone in the process and understand current and future needs. It’s very much like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

Isis Roque

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
As in any industry, we are exposed to external pressures—economic, competitive (from existing and new entrants), and changes in corporate structure. Recruiting and contracted services are very much tied to economic changes. We need to adapt and be flexible to the needs of our clients. Maintaining good relationships and building trust help as well.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
My philosophy is, “What can I do for you?” Throughout the years, I’ve accumulated much experience in marketing and business in general. Whether it be with a client or candidate, I usually end up helping more than I intended. My interest is in helping them achieve some measure of success. I’ve seen candidates realize their true potential in new industries. I’ve also been part of practically building a department from scratch. I am not sure you can put a price tag on that.

How did your business education help you succeed?
In a sense, I grew up at FIU. The courses were challenging and inspired my entrepreneurial spirit. I can’t say enough about the career center during my time there.

Are there any special memories about FIU you would like to share?
I took advantage of the summer abroad program during my junior year. That was a defining experience for me— seeing life through a different lens. It generated an incurable interest to travel and learn about new cultures. For more than ten years, traveling was a part of my job working in various areas of marketing. It is my value now in Miami— being able to bridge that gap, working with clients and candidates.

Are you involved in the community?
I am involved with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce as well as with Junior Achievement. My interest is in inspiring young adults. Our community is so diverse, with people of such different backgrounds and stories. I believe every young adult deserves the chance to envision possibilities.

Is there any advice you would give students?
Take advantage of the resources that are available to you at the school. Ask questions, get to know your classmates, and get involved with other activities outside of school. They broaden your horizon and give you an opportunity to place yourself for an opportune moment. I am also a big proponent of having tangible work experience before graduation. I still use some of the skills I learned at my first job during college.

What else would you like to mention about your company or yourself?
It is a little difficult to separate my own work ethic from the deliverables that we provide at ORG. In the end, I care about the results, and everyone, including me, bends over backwards to ensure that the clients’ corporate events or the resources we provide them exceeds their expectations.

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