Faculty gathers to celebrate achievements.

On September 25, 2009, the Faculty Awards Luncheon reinforced that students truly appreciate the efforts that faculty members in the College of Business Administration make on their behalf. Undergraduate and graduate students as well as those from student organizations selected the recipients for a series of highly competitive teaching awards.

Faculty members were honored for their accomplishments at a recent luncheon and awards ceremony.
At a recent luncheon and awards ceremony, faculty members were honored for their accomplishments.

The event also provided the occasion for faculty members to be acknowledged for recently-bestowed university-wide awards, research excellence and service contributions.

Executive Dean Joyce Elam welcomed the guests, and recognized two members of the business school who had received Florida International University (FIU) awards at the Faculty Convocation on September 17, 2009: Donald Roomes, former director of the BBA+ program, the only individual honored for excellence in advising, and Laureano Martinez, Department of Finance and Real Estate, one of three adjuncts honored for excellence in teaching.

Clifford Perry, associate dean, Landon Undergraduate School, presented the undergraduate teaching awards, and Dean Elam presented the graduate and service awards, in addition to recognizing the substantial presence of faculty research in premier publications.


Beta Alpha Psi—Fall 2008
Most Dedicated Faculty—Divesh Sharma
Most Outstanding Professor—Abhijit Barua

Beta Alpha Psi—Spring 2009
Most Dedicated Faculty—Desiree Elias
Most Outstanding Professor—Abhijit Barua

FIU Accounting Association—Fall 2008
Most Supportive Faculty—Sharon Lassar

FIU Accounting Association—Spring 2009
Most Supportive Faculty—Tessie Brunken

Financial Management Association—Spring 2009
Most Challenging and Educative Professor—Marcos Kerbel
Most Knowledgeable Professor—Constantine Kalogeras
Professor of the Semester—Deanne Butchey

American Marketing Association—2008-2009
Most Creative Professor—Tim Birrittella
Most Knowledgeable Professor—Michael Munro
Best Overall Professor—Tim Birrittella

BBA+ Weekend—Fall 2008
Best Professor—Emmanuel Roussakis

BBA+ Sunrise—Spring 2009
Best Professor—Wendy Gelman

BBA+ Weekend—Summer 2009
Best Professor—Constance Bates

Master of Accounting—Cohort 12
Best Professor—Kannan Raghunandan

Master of Accounting—Cohort 13
Best Professor—Divesh Sharma

Executive Master of Science in Taxation—Cohort 18
Best Professor—Sharon Lassar

Executive Master of Science in Taxation—Cohort 19
Best Professor—Sharon Lassar

Master of Science in Finance—Cohort 17 Pembroke Pines
Best Course—Chun-Hao Chang
Best Professor—Shahid Hamid

Master of Science in Finance—Cohort 18 Downtown
Best Course—Robert Daigler
Best Professor—Brice Dupoyet

Master of Science in Finance—Cohort 19 University Park
Best Course—Robert Daigler
Best Professor—Arun Prakash

Master of Science in Human Resource Management—Fall 2008 Cohort 12
Best Course—Robert Soloff and Galen Kroeck
Best Professor—Dana Farrow

Master of Science in Human Resource Management—Summer 2009 Cohort 13
Best Course—Dana Farrow
Best Professor—Robert Soloff

Master of Science in Human Resource Management—Jamaica—Cohort 4
Faculty of the Year—Ron Gilbert

Master of Science in International Real Estate—Cohort 3
Best Course—George Wu
Best Professor—Ken H. Johnson

Master of Science in Management Information Systems—Cohort 17 (Fall 2008)
Best Course—Susan Clemmons
Best Professor—Faisal Kaleem

Master of Science in Management Information Systems—Cohort 18 (Summer 2009)
Best Course—Monica Tremblay
Best Professor—Faisal Kaleem

Master of International Business—Fall 2008
Best Professor—Walfried Lassar and Christopher Ellis

Master of International Business—Spring 2009
Best Professor—Christopher Ellis

Downtown MBA Class of 2009
Best Professor—Sungu Armagan

Professional MBA—2009
Best Course—Peter Dickson
Best Professor—William Schneper

International Executive MBA—Jamaica 2009
Faculty of the Year—Ron Gilbert

Executive MBA—2009
Best Course—Jose de la Torre
Best Professor—John Wrieden

International MBA—Blue Cohort
Best Professor—Dana Farrow
Best Course—John Zdanowicz

International MBA—Gold Cohort
Best Professor—John Wrieden


In addition to the awards from students, Dean Elam recognized those faculty members who have published in premier journal publications.

Faculty members who have published one premier journal publication:

Alexandra Aguirre Rodriguez
Aya Chacar
Robert Daigler
Peter Dickson
Carolina Gomez
Nathan Hiller
Xiaoquan Jiang
Ken H. Johnson
Sumit Kundu
Walfried Lassar
Edward Lawrence
Ronald Lee
Antoinette Lynch
Robert McGee
Suchismita Mishra
William Newburry
Arun Prakash
Juan Sanchez
Divesh Sharma
Vineeta Sharma
John Tsalikis
Deborah Vidaver-Cohen
Weidong Xia
Steve Zanakis

Faculty who have published two premier journal publications:

William Hardin
Kuldeep Kumar
George Kyparisis
Stephen Lin
Anthony Miyazaki
Dasaratha Rama
Bruce Seaton
George Wu

Faculty who have published three premier journal publications:

Christos Koulamas
Kannan Raghunandan


One faculty member from each department also was recognized for his or her outstanding contributions in 2008-2009 to the college, the university and the community-at-large.

Sushil Gupta—Decision Sciences and Information Systems
Stephen Lin – School of Accounting
Shahid Hamid—Finance and Real Estate
Constance Bates—Management and International Business
Kimberly Taylor—Marketing

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