FIU celebrates Mary Ann Von Glinow’s inauguration as president of AIB.

It was Rio to remember!

At the annual meeting of the Academy of International Business (AIB), Mary Ann Von Glinow, professor and Knight Ridder Eminent Scholar Chair in International Management at Florida International University (FIU), was inaugurated as the 2010-2012 AIB president. FIU celebrated the event in grand style during the conference, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil June 25-29, 2010.

A large contingent represented FIU Business and celebrated the start of Mary Ann Von Glinow’s two-year presidency of AIB.

“For more than 20 years, Mary Ann has been a leading figure in the international business discipline and has led the efforts of the college to build excellence in the area,” said Joyce J. Elam, executive dean, College of Business Administration, an AIB Fellow, and the 2007 AIB International Dean of the Year. “Applauding her achievement in Rio was a wonderful way to show our appreciation.”

From left to right: Mary Ann Von Glinow, Joyce J. Elam and Sumit Kundu

FIU hosted a first-class reception to honor Von Glinow.

“Music, dancing, socializing—it was quite an evening,” said K. Galen Kroeck, chair, Department of Management and International Business. “The international community saw how we recognize the achievement of one of our own.”

The FIU reception showcased lively entertainment.

Over 250 guests attended the reception, including 14 faculty members and 11 doctoral students from FIU. Von Glinow, Elam, and AIB Fellow and former president and FIU business faculty member, Jose de la Torre, spoke.

“Everything Mary Ann touches turns into gold,” de la Torre said. “She will most certainly bring new ideas and leadership to AIB, and will also impart her gracious and unique style.”

Von Glinow was thrilled with the reception.

“It was a continuation of the unconditional support that the FIU administrators, faculty and students have given me,” she said.

Congratulations continued at the AIB Fellows Dinner, sponsored by the college and attended by 50 fellows.

As president of AIB, the leading association of international business scholars and specialists, Von Glinow is at the helm of an organization with more than 3,400 members in 84 countries.

A professor and award-winning researcher, Von Glinow has authored more than 100 journal articles and eleven books and sits on eleven editorial review boards and numerous international panels. She was president of the Academy of Management (AOM) and is the only person to have been elected president of both AIB and AOM. She also is director of FIU’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).

FIU makes important intellectual contributions to AIB meeting.

During the conference, most of the faculty members and doctoral students from FIU presented papers and several won awards.

“I received 100 submissions for the conference and the overall acceptance rate was about 40 percent for my track,” said Sumit Kundu, Knight Ridder Center Research Professor and track chair, Global Strategy, Alliance, Competitiveness.

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