IBHS helps students become familiar with international business practices.

If you walk into a presentation “knowing very little” and walk away “understanding a lot,” the event succeeded.

That was the experience of Ana Perez, an attendee at “Business in Italy,” part of the “Around the World Series” presented by the International Business Honor Society (IBHS), a student organization in the College of Business Administration at Florida International University (FIU).

“I learned quite a bit about business practices in Italy,” Perez said concerning the recent event. “As in other countries, Italy’s culture influences their business practices. For instance, Italians take very seriously the tradition of owning and running a family business.”

Victoria Palma

The series is the brainchild of IBHS president Belinda Sardinas. Victoria Palma, IBHS vice president, planned and presented the Italian event.

“These international events, held at our regular meetings, help students who intend to study, work or do business abroad,” Palma said.

At the Italian event, Claudio Pastor, executive director of Miami chapter of the Societa Dante Alighieri (SDA), an international organization promoting Italian culture and language also presented.

“I learned that in Italy big companies, such as Armani, have had the same suppliers since the day they opened,” said FIU junior Cesar Chuquizuta. “I also learned that the market is not very open to new investors who want to start a business.”

“In Italy, decisions may be based on relationships more than facts and numbers,” said Leo Battistini, an FIU student born and raised in Italy. “Plus, although English is fairly known, speaking Italian is almost a must for practicing business in Italy.”

Attendees also got a taste of Italy with bruschetta, olives, biscotti and other refreshments that Palma brought from an Italian market.

Around the world—to Mexico, Peru and beyond.

IBHS is planning more “Around the World” events at their regular meetings, to help students learn more about international practices.

The most recent meeting included “Business in China.” Presentations on Mexico, Peru, Arab nations and India are on future IBHS agendas.

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