From Bogota to Bangalore, the Chapman Graduate School of Business participates in the World MBA Tour.

Around 80 percent of candidates for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) would consider the United States as a study destination, according to a survey by the QS World MBA Tour.

That’s one reason why the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University (FIU) participated in the 2010 QS World MBA Tour, making sure students had the opportunity to hear the exciting advantages of choosing FIU.

“The 2010 World MBA Tour conducted educational fairs in 55 cities (35 countries), and we selected to participate in the ones that made the most sense for us,” said Priscilla Ferreira (MSHRM ’06, MBA ’00), senior manager, graduate recruitment.

Students in Hyderabad, India discuss FIU with agent Manjit Singh.

Students talked with agents representing FIU at World MBA Tour fairs during three months:

  • September: Bogota, Colombia; Toronto, Canada
  • October: Miami, Florida; Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Istanbul, Turkey
  • December: India (in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai) and United Arab Emirates (in Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

According to Ferreira, many factors enter into FIU’s selection of cities, including where current students are coming from, countries FIU wants to reach and where the “hot” markets are now, such as Dubai and Istanbul.

Fifty to 120 graduate business schools participated at each fair. On average, agents representing the Chapman School spoke with 30 to 60 students at every event. Students primarily expressed interest in FIU’s fulltime program—the International MBA—although information on specialized programs such as in management information systems, finance, international real estate, and human resource management was also available.

Shyam Ji Agrawal provides information about the Chapman Graduate School to a visitor during the World MBA tour’s stop in Dubai.

Judging the success of the World MBA Tour.

By early January, ten applications had been submitted as a direct result of the 2010 World MBA Tour.

“More applications will be coming as we continue our communication process with the students who visited the fairs,” said Ferreira, who added that 15 enrolled students would be a good indicator of success.

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