MANGO takes the lead in a new education era at FIU.


Amidst a fast-changing educational landscape, one driven by digital technology and students’ evolving needs, Florida International University (FIU) this week officially inaugurated its six-story, state-of-the-art Management and New Growth Opportunities (MANGO) building.


MANGO is a key component of FIU’s strategy of growth and entrepreneurship designed to expand classroom space, add laboratories and support innovation.


“Here we are working with some of the most determined and appreciative students anywhere and we’re committed to providing access to high quality education,” said FIU president Mark Rosenberg at MANGO’s January 13 ribbon cutting ceremony. “We understand that we are a beacon of hope for our students and our community.”


MANGO is now home to the College of Business’ School of Accounting, the Department of Management and International Business, and the Academic Advising office, as well as FIU Online.

“It’s a new center for education and for collaboration, one that creates new opportunities for our students, faculty and staff,” David R. Klock, dean of the College of Business, said.


For College of Business senior Gedma Estrada and her fellow students, MANGO delivers two additional benefits: dining options – Panda Express, Starbucks and Taco Bell – plus a place to study on the west side of FIU’s campus. “I’m always studying on this side and now you find more COB students in the lobby,” she said.

The MANGO building offers dynamic spaces that use technology to enhance face-to-face, online and hybrid learning. The building’s second floor offers state-of-the-art classrooms outfitted with the latest technology, including push-to-talk microphones on each student’s desk, sophisticated projectors and touch whiteboards.

Advanced course capture technology that digitally records all lectures, allows students to listen to classes they may have missed and to review concepts they didn’t understand the first time in class. Plus, MANGO’s four break-out rooms have TVs with a built-in computer plus a webcam, making it easier for students to work in groups and with peers in other countries.

The 107,912 square-foot building has over 12,000 square feet of potential study space, over 7,000 square feet of classroom and labs, and more than 340 office spaces.

FIU Online occupies two floors – and 17,000 square feet – housing programmers, designers and curriculum specialists working to develop new ways to present information online.

From its start 15 years ago with 10 faculty members and a handful of classes, FIU’s online program has grown to encompass 756 courses. Of FIU’s 54,000-person student body, 20,336 are currently taking at least online course.

“Online education is no longer on the periphery. It’s becoming the mainstream of higher education,” said Joyce Elam, dean of FIU University College.

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