Faculty Notes: July-August, 2015

School of Accounting

David W. Barman, instructor, has been named to 2015 Florida Legal Elite by Florida Trend magazine. This was based on nomination and voting by attorneys who are members of the Florida Bar.

Department of Finance

Marcos A. Kerbel, participating adjunct professor, has been named as the dean of the education committee of the FIBA Institute for Financial Education (FIFE), an initiative from the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA). FIFE was launched on June 24, 2015 as part of FIBA’s 35th anniversary celebration. This is in addition to Kerbel’s role as chair of FIBA’s education committee. Also, Kerbel has been selected by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching to receive the Faculty Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching, to be given at the Faculty Convocation Award Ceremony and Banquet on September 24, 2015.

Department of Decision Sciences & Information Systems

Min Chen, assistant professor, presented at a session titled as “Creating Value, Staff and Patient Satisfaction” at INFORMS Healthcare Conference held in Nashville, Tenn., from July 29-31, 2015.

Manjul Gupta, assistant professor, had a paper he co-authored entitled “An Exploration of Deception Detection: Are Groups More Effective than Individuals?” accepted for publication by Communication Research.

Debra VanderMeer, associate professor, received a Seventh Annual Excellence in Research Journal Award on July 8, 2015. VanderMeer received the “Outstanding Library Science Article for 2014” for her article entitled “Enabling Resource Access Visibility for Automated Enterprise Services” which was published in the April-June 2014 issue of Journal of Database Management.

Department of Management and International Business

A paper which Samantha C. Paustian-Underdahl, assistant professor, co-authored entitled “Gender and Perceptions of Leadership  Effectiveness: A Meta-Analysis of Contextual Moderators” which appeared in Journal of Applied Psychology, 2014, won the 2015 Saroj Parasuraman Award for the Outstanding Publication on Gender and Diversity. The award was presented to her at the 2015 Academy of Management conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. At the conference, Paustian-Underdahl presented a paper she co-authored entitled “Always a Good Thing? The Influence of Organizational Support and Impression Management during Pregnancy.”

Juan I. Sanchez, professor and Knight-Ridder Byron Harless Eminent Chair in Management, published a monograph entitled “Methodological and Substantive Issues in Conducting Multinational and Cross-Cultural Research,” in the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Vol. 2: 101-131, 2015. He also published an article in the Journal of Business Ethics: “Managerial Tolerance of Nepotism: The Effects of Individualism–Collectivism in a Latin American Context,” August 2015, Volume 130, pp. 45-57. Sanchez also presented multiple manuscripts at conferences: “Modeling Employee and Organizational Outcomes of Work-Family Support Policies: A Multilevel Approach, at the Annual Meetings of The Academy of Management, August ‎2015‎, ‎Vancouver, BC, Canada; as well as three manuscripts at the 2015 Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference in Philadelphia, during April 2015: A Call to Action (or Arms) in Job/Work Analysis; Using Scientific Research and Best Practices to Drive Competency-Based Solutions; and Work-Family Conflict Measurement: Considering Culture and Gender Equivalency.

Tibor and Sheila Hollo School of Real Estate

Zhenguo Lin, associate professor, has had two papers that he co-authored accepted for publication: “Immigrants and Mortgages Delinquency” is scheduled to be published in 2015 Winter Issue of Real Estate Economics and “The Benefit of Search in Housing Markets” is scheduled to be published in the 2015 4th issue of Journal of Real Estate Research. Also, Lin won two ARES Manuscript Prizes based on papers he presented at the American Real Estate Society’s annual meeting in Ft. Myers, Florida, in April, 2015.

Suzanne S. Hollander, instructor, gave a speech about leadership at the Future Latino Leaders Law Camp, offered for high school students by the Hispanic National Bar Foundation, July 11-16, 2015, in Washington, D.C. Hollander also participated in meetings for camp participants at the United States Supreme Court.

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