HACU interns get inside view of government in Washington DC and Texas.

Ana Maria Silva and Maria Lau, both undergraduate students in international business and marketing in the College of Business Administration, experienced working for the government away from home thanks to a summer internship program offered by the Hispanic National Internship Program of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). Although the two worked for […]

Alumna finds optimal career satisfaction in her marketing company.

A complete business plan, networking and a birthday party were all part of the early success of Optimal Marketing Results, according to its founder Melany D. Michelena (BBA ’05). Parlaying her corporate experience working for others, and focusing on what she loved to do, Michelena now offers advice to other hopeful entrepreneurs. https://business.fiu.edu/biznews/2009/09/melany_michelena.mp4

South Florida Business Journal selects FIU Business alumna as one of 25 “Influential Business Women of 2009.”

Silka Gonzalez (MACC ’05) discusses Enterprise Risk Management—a boutique IT consulting firm specializing in information security of which she is president and founder—and how a driving passion for her work led to her recognition as one of South Florida Business Journal‘s Influential Business Women of 2009. https://business.fiu.edu/biznews/2009/8/silka_gonzalez_alumni_profile_Md.mp4