Building redundancies can help businesses rebound in a global crisis

Building redundancies can help businesses rebound in a global crisis

The fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic emphasized that global businesses need to be more resilient in their international production structures. Few businesses are prepared to deal with the unexpected, according to a new paper from Florida International University’s College of Business (FIU Business). Researchers found that strategies that favor redundancies in the configuration of assets across a […]

Professor Curba Lampert on technology and strategy.

How do firms respond to technological change? How do firms manage the ever-increasing costs of research and development (R&D)? How do firms capture the value they create from their innovative activities? How do firms respond technologically to oil shocks? These are just some of the important research questions that Curba Morris Lampert, assistant professor in […]

Faculty Notes: November 2013

School of Accounting Manny Pravia (MST ’92), adjunct, presented a two-hour seminar on “U.S. International Tax Concepts” to the Valle del Cauca Chapter of the Asociación Nacional de Empresarios (ANDI) in Cali, Colombia on November 15, 2013. Department of Decision Sciences and Management Systems Monica Chiarini Tremblay, Debra VanderMeer and Gloria Deckard, associate professors, presented […]

Faculty Notes August-September 2013

School of Accounting Elio Alfonso, assistant professor, received the PhD Project/KPMG Minority Scholarship Award with his completion of the PhD in Accounting. Department of Decision Sciences and Information Systems Nancy Borkowski, clinical associate professor, was presented with the Jessie Trice Hero Award for 2013, for her advocacy, leadership in the community, and support and guidance […]