Lynda Raheem, business school veteran, retires.

“When I started at FIU, we were strictly a typewriter-driven society, and over time, advising has gone through various iterations to service students, from a paper environment to one that embraces e-chat, online advising, telephone and face to face, “said Lynda Raheem, retiring assistant dean, undergraduate advising, as she reflected on her 35 years in the College of Business Administration. 

More than 100 guests gathered to thank Lynda Raheem and wish her a happy retirement.
More than 100 guests gathered to thank Lynda Raheem and wish her a happy retirement.

Though she originally wanted to be a surgical nurse, a paying stint at Miami Jackson Hospital when she was in high school prompted her to switch: first to accounting and later to marketing. She worked in marketing for Burger King for three years before joining the Marketing Department at FIU. As an advisor, she held various positions as the staff and organization changed.

Luncheon affords chance to express gratitude.

On April 21, 2009, more than 100 friends, co-workers and family members honored and thanked her-with affectionate comments, a watch and a vase.

Lynda Raheem and Joyce J. Elam
Lynda Raheem and Joyce J. Elam

“I’ve learned a great deal from Lynda in the years that we’ve worked together, and the tuition has been pretty cheap,” said Clifford Perry, associate dean for undergraduate programs and academic affairs. “She has always been very generous with her knowledge and her wisdom. It’s the wisdom-her attitude, her worldview-that I most often sought from her.”

After the event, Joyce J. Elam executive dean, noted several of Raheem’s contributions, and the gap her departure will leave.

“Lynda has made a difference in the lives of many students because of her caring attitude and commitment to help them succeed,” Elam said. “She has so much knowledge of the college and our programs, and we’ll miss her terribly.”

Raheem anticipates an active, family-oriented retirement.

Raheem plans to travel throughout the United States for three months with her husband, her parents, and two of her three sisters, also retired. And, she looks forward to the luxury of “doing one job from start to finish, rather than multiple tasks at once.”

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