Alumni Circle plans to tackle new projects.

Members of the College’s Alumni Circle will be dividing into sub-committees to work on two new initiatives—a community service project to affect an educational non-profit organization and the development of a new “Business Readiness Unit,” which will be added to the College’s portfolio of undergraduate student services.

Circle members will be gathering in November to initiate discussions and formulate plans for both of these projects.

“I look to the Circle to engage in projects such as these that will directly benefit students in our surrounding community,” said Executive Dean Joyce J. Elam. “I’m quite excited to see what the Circle will propose we develop and/or do to strengthen our students’ readiness to enter the workforce and become successful, community-minded citizens. As active members of our business community, our Circle members will help us determine how we can work with our students to make this happen even more effectively than it does now.”

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