Alumnus Ruben King-Shaw offers insight on Miami, an FIU degree, and life in public and private sectors.

As a new graduate of Cornell University in 1983, Ruben King-Shaw Jr. (MHSA ‘85, MIB ’87) had many options. The one he chose was Miami, because, as he saw it, “the lanes were open.” This dynamic speaker — founder, managing partner and CIO of Mansa Capital, a healthcare private equity investment firm– was part of […]

Whole Foods Market co-founder makes case for “conscious capitalism” at FIU Downtown on Brickell’s first Wertheim Lecture.

John Mackey is on a quest to give capitalism the goals—and the respect—it deserves. “Business has lifted humanity out of the dirt,” he said, “and that story has not been told.” The co-founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods Market shared his thoughts on the deeper purpose in business outlined in his new book, Conscious Capitalism: […]

Wertheim Lecture offers clear recommendations for what it takes to be a successful business leader.

Angela Gers, vice president of the American Marketing Association organization at the College of Business, strives to make the most of every educational opportunity—from classrooms to events like the Wertheim Lecture Series. She was particularly inspired by the recent lecture presented by Manuel D. Medina, chair and CEO, Medina Capital Partners. “In his lecture entitled […]

What makes a self-made entrepreneur succeed again and again?

Miguel “Mike” Fernandez recently shared his entrepreneurial journey with Florida International University (FIU) business students, alumni and leaders in the business community. Speaking about what he referred to as his “super” life, Fernandez went on to tell the colorful story of his successes—and failures—as an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry. Fernandez exemplifies the repeat success […]

What makes an effective leader? Burger King CEO shares his philosophy.

A crowd of more than 145 students, faculty, alumni and representatives of the business community convened at Florida International University (FIU) on October 27, 2011 to hear Bernardo Hees, chief executive officer, Burger King Corporation, talk about leadership. Hees’s appearance at the College of Business Administration was part of the Herbert A. Wertheim Lecture Series. […]

Longtime State Farm exec describes the workplace’s bicultural advantage.

 “I thought being a Hispanic woman meant there’s only a certain level of leadership I can reach,” said Paola A. Lacouture, a student at Florida International University (FIU). “However, after listening to Annette Martinez, I learned that the thickness of the glass ceiling is determined by me. We set our own limits.” Annette Martinez, vice […]

Julious Grant

Bacardi’s Julious Grant shares keen insight into wine and spirits industry.

Perhaps no industry is as regulated as the wines and spirits business, with myriad federal and state-by-state compliances. That’s part of the challenge in achieving brand success, explained Julious Grant, senior vice president and national sales distributor for Bacardi U.S.A. Inc. Speaking on “Bacardi: Our Route to Consumers in the United States of America,” Grant […]

Jeff Zucker

CEO of NBC Universal shares insights into his path to success.

Jeff Zucker, a Miami public school graduate who rose to the CEO’s office at NBC Universal, told an audience of Florida International University (FIU) students, faculty and alumni that taking risks—and accepting responsibility—were the foundations of his success in business. “Think about the status quo and question the business models in place each step of […]