Haar to heart: Many companies are born to be global.

What do Skype (Internet/software application), Mavi (clothing), HTC (smartphones), and Cochlear (medical devices) have in common? These firms from Estonia, Turkey, Taiwan and Australia, respectively, are all “born global” companies—enterprises whose genesis stems from a major (and sometimes exclusive) focus on foreign markets rather than their own. The phenomenon of born global companies has been […]

Haar to heart: Alternative Energy for Latin America, No Panacea

While alternative energy holds great promise for Latin America, serious limitations and costs limit its potential at present. This past July, the world’s biggest iron ore producer, Vale, announced that the firm is turning to palm-tree oil and wind turbines to insulate earnings from the rising costs of energy. The Brazilian multinational plans to produce […]

Haar to heart: ICT—Are new information technologies a panacea, hype or somewhere in between?

For over two decades now, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) have been sweeping the globe, from the industrialized nations of the North to developing nations of the South. Some of the most dynamic growth of the latter has been in Latin America and the Caribbean, although connectivity, participation rates, product offerings, services, and costs and revenue […]

Haar to heart: In casinos, seek answers on jobs, tax revenue, true impact

Casino gambling in South Florida is shovel-ready. Proponents and opponents alike are shoveling the B.S. faster than Jon Corzine’s illegal raid on MF Global’s customer accounts. While pro- and anti-gambling groups have legitimate and valid points to make in their arguments, these these nuggets of inaccuracies, hyperbole, alarmism, hysteria and blatant lies. This is not […]

Haar to heart: Latin America is one of the most dynamic regions for mobile money.

One day people the world over will be able to deposit money, withdraw savings, check their balance, pay their utility bills, receive their salary and remittances from abroad and government allowances—all on their mobile phones in a fast, convenient and safe manner. Thanks to technology and entrepreneurship, that day is now. Welcome to the brave […]