Haar to heart: Health care “reform” a body blow to Florida’s small businesses.

Florida is “the land of small business” with over 425,000 small firms accounting for 99% of the state’s employers. However, most are struggling to stay afloat in an environment where the state’s growth rate is projected to be 1.5% (a percentage point less than the nation) and unemployment 12%. The health care reforms bills—now law—encompass […]

Haar to heart: An inconvenient truth—the federal government, not Wall Street, deserves the greatest blame

If one were to combine elements of Franz Kafka’s unfinished novel The Castle, Edward Albee’s Zoo Story and the Spanish Inquisition, one would have the recent congressional hearings on alleged malfeasance by Wall Street investment firms. The persecutory behavior and theatrics displayed by a number of Senate inquisitors were matched only by their appalling ignorance […]

Haar to heart: We, the people, chose to be Ponzi prey.

In casting the net of blame for our current economic predicament, we’ve hauled in Wall Street bankers, mortgage lenders, realtors, financial intermediaries, stock brokers and bond traders, insurers, politicians, the Federal Reserve, rating agencies and other alleged instigators, culprits and accomplices. Conspicuously absent from the list-for to include them would be politically incorrect, not to […]